What are the Best Beaches in Port Elizabeth?

The wonderful aspect about PE’s beaches is that they are very unique with what each one has to offer. From a skate park to rock pools or even a lighthouse. ​Umoya Cottages are the best accommodation in Port Elizabeth due to be centrally located between the various wonderful beaches in and around the Friendly City. Here is our comprehensive list of beaches and summarising  each one’s uniqueness.

King’s Beach

Denville’s Beach

Humewood Beach
  • Awesome snorkeling spots!
  • Rock pools fantastic for small children.
  • One of the more quiet beaches.
  • Take a walk in Happy Valley (only when busy – for safety).

Hobie Beach

Pollok Beach

Cape Recife
  • Very quiet beach to explore, away from the city.
  • Beautiful light house.
  • The minimum entrance fee makes this a low traffic beach.

  • Fantastic hiking trail and secluded Canon Bay Beach.
  • Beautiful sea view and benches at the top for picnics.

Sardinia Bay Beach

Van Stadens River Mouth
  • Excellent for young children to swim safely in the shallow side of the river.
  • Trampolines and jungle gym.
  • Cash shop for ice cream and children fish nets.
  • Braai and picnic areas.
  • Minimum entrance fee keeps this resort neat and tidy.
  • Can get a bit rowdy sometimes in the afternoons on weekends.