67 Steps to take in Port Elizabeth

A must-see for any visitor to Port Elizabeth who is hungry for culture and history is the city’s Route 67. And, with Mandela Day just around the corner now is the perfect time to take a walk through Mandela Bay’s creative representation of our history.

An initiative by the Mandela Bay Development Agency, Route 67 is an inspirational walk consisting of 67 public artworks symbolising Nelson Mandela’s 67 years dedicated to the freedom of South Africa.

An explosion of art, history, emotion and visual beauty, the route starts at the Campanile, up the staircase to the Vuyisile Mini Market Square in the heart of the City Centre and then continues up to the giant flag at the Donkin Reserve.

According to the NMBM Route 67 forms part the greater Nelson Mandela Bay Arts Journey. This includes a number of Art Galleries and the Red Location Museum.
All the artworks were created by local Eastern Cape artists and is a celebration of Nelson Mandela Bay’s history and heritage.

Be sure not to miss it!