Are you being cheated with 3G Data?

Most mobile carriers has apps you can install on your smart devices to keep track of your mobile usage. But how do you know they are not cheating you? For all operating systems, be it Android, Apple or Windows Devices – there are easy steps to check your data usage and to set a limit. These limits help you stay away from those horrendous out-of-bundle rates. Here are a few videos and step-by step guides below that will guide you for each Operating System. If you wish to manage your data usage with even more details, you can always install a nifty 3rd party app, for example My Data Manager is especially useful for iPhone / iPad.

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From the expert: How to save energy and money this winter

How to save energy - Adice for Guesthouses

As a professional electrical engineer I so often find myself frustrated with articles that give advice on how to save energy. Three important pieces of information that will make a difference are always left out, and even big players like Eskom miss the pot most of the time. The questions always looming after reading these articles are:

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Self Catering Guesthouse Automation – Arduino

I am an electrical engineer and I have developed a solution to remotely control electrical circuits at our self catering guesthouse, Umoya Cottages in Port Elizabeth. Even when we are not at home, we can securely log in over the internet to switch on lights, geysers and even open the motor gate. In combination with the CCTV over the parking lot, I can for example open the gate for a guest and switch on the external lights, even if I am overseas. All I require is an internet connection and it is as good as if I am back home. And the best part, the whole setup cost me less than R1500 ($130).

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